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Fees and Registration

We are so excited that you are considering attending ASGM.

This page gives information into our registration process and fees. ASGM attendance will include registration fee, tuition, and instructional material based on whether you intend to be a full time student for both weeks, attend only the day sessions, or attend only the night sessions. Students who plan to stay on campus in our dormitory housing will include room and board. Students who are commuting but wish to still eat meals on campus can purchase meals as listed below.   

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee

Before May 1st: $30

After May 1st:  $60


Full Time Students: $140

Day Student: $100

Night Student: $50

Instructional Material 


Room & Board

(Housing & Meals)


10 Breakfasts: $55

10 Lunches:  $75

8 Suppers: $55


(Commuting Students)

Private Lessons

(Piano & Voice)


Payment plans are available and can provide a great opportunity to invest in a students summer over the year. If you would like to set up a payment plan, fill out the registration form below and indicate how you would like to pay. To help in this process, we will send you invoice payment plans as selected. 

Here are a few examples of payment plans to pay tuition in a years time:

1 Payment per month for 12 months: $50

1 payment every other month: $100

1 payment every 3 months: $150

We also encourage you to pay as you go. Meaning, if you are unable to meet the goals of our payment plan, we encourage you to pay what you can when you can. 

Payment is accepted via check, cash, or PayPal. 

Our PayPal can be found by using the link below or searching @alabamagospel. 

If you are having difficulties filling the application out on this website, please click here.

After completing the registration application and sending in your registration fee, the completion of registration will take place Sunday, June 4, 2023 with group singing to follow. At this time, you will pay your remaining tuition, receive your instructional materials, take your placement test, and if staying on campus, your dorm assignments.


Placements tests are a short exam to test music theory to allow students to be placed in the correct theory class. 

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